DPS-380CP-1 DPS-380CP lcd power board

DPS-380CP-1 DPS-380CP lcd power board
DPS-380CP-1 DPS-380CP lcd power board Part:used Our products have been tested and working Warranty 60 days
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1 x 4001I G836CG JG2-2 Transformer
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1 x 6871QZH036C 6870QZC002B LG50X2 Z-SUS BOARD
1 x 2874024100 Transformer
1 x 260w3c4lv1.3 T-CON Board
1 x 6871QZH049B 6871QZH041B 6870QZE017D LG42V7 Z-SUS Board
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1 x 4001Y Transformer
1 x 4H.0TT01.S02 DELL LCD Monitor Driver Board
1 x 6871QZH049A 6870QZE017B Z-SUS Board
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